Company Profile
The Upscale Group has positioned itself as a leading producer of live entertainment and DJs’ oriented parties targeting the
young professional African-American and young West Indian markets. The company primarily operates in the New York City market and for the last five years has produced weekly parties, special events, networking events, and live concerts.

Our Market
Our primary target market consists of 23 – 34 year old professionals living in the New York tri-state area. A recent survey revealed that about 70% of our regular patrons are college graduates or college students. Majority attend college while maintaining professional lifestyles.

Events Profile
The total experience of an Upscale event can be captured in one word: "Fun." urban and Caribbean sounds fusing to create a live party environment in the heart of Manhattan taking patrons to a vacation-like experience.

We understand that patrons are purchasing an experience so we place an emphasis on all components along that experience chain; from communicating with them before the event, ensuring a hassle free entrance to our events, courteous staff, safe environment, and great music to ensure they receive the value they deserve.

Contact us
Tel: 347-514-6038
Email: upscaleinfo@gmail.com